• Rather than limiting ourselves to just one Yoga style I practice a challenging mix of all that Yoga has to offer. The umbrella term 'Hatha Yoga' includes many styles of Yoga: Iyenger, Sirvananda, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Scaravelli and many more besides. These classifications denote styles devised by their individual creator to describe their particular brand of Yoga. In truth, Yoga is in a constant state of evolution and should be tailored to suit every individual as they are, here and now.


    The practice of Yoga poses leads to strength and flexibility, both physically and mentally. It offers tools to combat stress and anxiety and it promotes relaxation. It also brings poise, awareness of one's capabilities and increased self confidence. Yoga is a process of transformation. There is no age limit to improvement, so Yoga is not merely for the supple or the young. Yoga is for All!