• "I have been attending one of Julia's Yoga classes for over three years. Julia creates a friendly and welcoming environment where people of all levels and abilities feel safe, but are encouraged when appropriate to challenge themselves. Julia teaches using a variety of Yoga techniques which makes her classes varied and interesting. I find Julia's classes very helpful in maintaining flexibility and acting as an antidote to the stresses and strains of a deskbound office job." VM 28/04/14.

    "My husband and I have been attending Julia's Yoga classes for over five years. Yoga helps us to remain supple, keeps muscles healthy and is a good stress buster. Julia has helped us to make Yoga part of our lifestyle." Lorraine and Terry.

    "With great pleasure I highly recommend Julia to you as an expert Yoga instructor. It has been my good fortune to benefit from Julia's instruction for the past five and a half years. Personally, I have benefited tremendously: improved flexibility, balance, strength, posture and peace of mind have all been the result of regularly attending Julia's sessions. Julia's vast knowledge and experience with a range of Yoga traditions enables her to design a varied repertoire; this is highly stimulating for her clients and spares them the endless repetition some Yoga instructors subject their classes to elsewhere." Mr AH Prout, Wallington High School Staff Yoga Co-ordinator.